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  • Lisa Tiersma

Church Recordings for Frost

For the short drama film Frost (2022), director Benno Geurts approached composer Nikolaï Clavier in a very early stage. A year after their initial meeting, Nikolaï recorded the soundtrack in a church in Leuden with the help of three professional singers: Judith Weusten, Ellen van den Berg and Femke Hulsman.

The score is praised for its innovative use of vocalists, who employ many experimental techniques such as creating sounds, improvisations and rhythmical drones to create a unique and experimental soundscape. The soundtrack also includes nordic instruments like the Harding Fiddle, as well as various experimental sounds made with stones, rocks and metal.

The film itself follows the story of a young couple who get lost in the mountains of Alaska. Only one of them returns home alive, holding an embarrassing secret…

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