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  • Lisa Tiersma

Recording session at studio Artichoque

On Friday the 18th of November, the Arthema Quartet and drum player Tom Nieuwenhuijse were being recorded by producer and engineer René Bloks in studio Artichoque, Tilburg. A total of ten recorded cues will be used in the documentaire ‘Gevangen in een Tekening’ which will appear on NPO2 in February 2023.

The score is based around jazz and contains a lot of drum improvisation. In the coming weeks, trumpeter Jan van Duijkeren will be recorded among other brass players.

The Arthema Quartet playing a cue. Violin I: Eduardo Diez Garcia, Violin II: Gabriela Torres, Viola: Nikolai Clavier, Cello: Floor Bakker.

Tom Nieuwenhuijse improvising on the drums.

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