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  • Nikolaï Clavier

Eduardo Diez Garcia - the solo violin of 'Clinch'.

In October 2020 the short film Clinch will be released worldwide. Directed by Cintia Taylor, this fiction drama takes on a journey through the life of a professional violinist who is traumatised after an incident of sexual assault. Dutch critics are calling it "the first #metoo film of the decade. The film features Amélie Onzon as the main character, playing on her violin in many scenes.

Although Onzon had played violin before and performed herself in the shooting of the film, Eduardo was called into the the dubbing studio during post production to re-record all the violin pieces, as it was a very demanding score.

The original music for the film is composed by Nikolaï Clavier, the violist in Arthema Strijkkwartet, and will be released on Spotify after the publication of the film. To follow the news about the film, we recommend the Instagram account of clinch_thefilm.

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