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"Waarom Bleef Je Niet Voor Mij" wins Student Oscar

The film Waarom bleef je niet voor mij? won the Golden Medal at the Student Academy Awards. In this documentary, filmmaker Milou Gevers talks to four young children who have lost one of their parents to suicide. The film has been out for a year now and according to grief experts it has broken taboos. The music was composed by Nikolaï Clavier.

The documentary, which was her final exam for the Dutch Film Academy, was awarded at various international film festivals, but an Oscar is something else, says Gevers. "It is a film with children. Film festivals don't mean much to them, but Oscars do. So this is also very special for the children."

Among the previous awards that this film has won are: The Golden Lion (Cinekid) 2021, CILEC Best Documentary 2021, VPRO Documentary Award 2020, AHK Eindwerkprijs and Audience Prize 2020 and 7 more.

The music can be heard on Spotify under the following link:

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