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  • Nikolaï Clavier

For exceptional work on "Waarom Bleef Je Niet Voor Mij" the jury of The Keep an Eye Film Score Competition gave a special honorable mention to the composer Nikolaï Clavier:

Thank you to the Keep and Eye Foundation and to the film crew of "Waarom Bleef Je Niet Voor Mij"!

The twice award winning Arthema String Quartet is one of the first ensembles in the Netherlands to build an expertise in film score recordings. In 2o2o the ensemble participated in no less than 5 film scores, one which was recorded in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam (Blauwe Maandag).

Through collaborations with the contemporary music series De Link, the Arthema Quartet is slowly entering the concert scene of contemporary Dutch composers, as well as building a strong network within the film music world.

The ensemble won the Willem Twee Chamber music competition in 2018 and the Asten Classic Awards in 2019. They are one of the leading young ensembles in the Netherlands at the moment, and despite the fall of concerts due to the Corona pandemic, they are still actively performing and recording.

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  • Nikolaï Clavier

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Introducing an thrilling video game project which will be released on Halloween this year! The music, inspired by Beethovens Moonlight Sonata, is composed by Nikolaï

Clavier and has already received a warm welcome by producers and gamers alike.

At Eve's Wake is an interactive horror story inspired by Lovecraft's work about surviving a family you never knew and uncovering their dark practices.

The prelude to this story will become available for free on October 31, All Hallow's Eve. For more information, follow the game on Twitter:

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